Wat does the Society do?

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The Society leases premises on the Aycliffe lndustrial Estate. There restoration work is undertaken and vehicles are stored.

Vehicles and Drivers

Vehicles are rallied when roadworthy. Members with valid licences are welcome to drive our vehicles, following tuition, if appropriate. Even with a car licence - in certain circumstances - you could be entitled to drive our vehicles, as a PCV licence is not always required.

How do I join?

Anyone interested in joining the Society should contact the Secretary for details. Members meet on Tuesday evenings and Sundays. However, like many organisations members are involved at other times and at venues other than Aycliffe. Our buses have been seen on tour at Brighton, Luton, Newcastle, York, Bradford, Manchester, Portsmouth and Inverness.


Our restored Bristol K and L buses have featured in episodes of the famous YTV series in past years and we have enjoyed having an opportunity to display our expertise in a truly national way!

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Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society is registered charity number 1 158 142. Its VAT registration number is 809 3809 11.

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